To connect to the Smart TV you have to follow the next steps:

  • Connect to the Libere WiFi network. Select the network that corresponds to your building, typically containing the word "Líbere" and type down the password Staylibere.

  • Turn on the TV, press the "source" button and access the HDMI 3 source. If it doesn't work, try HDMI 1.

  • You will get a QR code that you have to scan. You can scan it with the camera on your phone or with a QR-reading application.

  • Go to your phone and open the app of your choice (Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc.).

  • Find the Chromecast icon and click on it.

  • There's a screen at the bottom with your room number. Click on it.

  • Search for the movie, song, or video on the streaming app you chose previously and enjoy!

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